Local NHS Nalmefene (Selincro) Guidelines

In November 2014, NICE approved nalmefene (Selincro) for use within the NHS of England and Wales. 

Each local NHS area was instructed, within the context of the overall NHS structure, to put in place a structure, or guideline.  This guideline would specify how and by whom Selincro could be prescribed in the local area in question, e.g. GPs, specialist alcohol services, etc.

This page contains a list of local area-specific guidelines.

If your local area is listed here, you should read the guideline carefully and consider printing it out to take with you to your appointment.

If your local area is not yet listed, please read this NHS information page, complete the form at the end of the article and I will look your area up for you, email you back with the relevant information, and then add the details to this listing for others to access quickly.

The information was correct at time of posting and is periodically checked for accuracy.