Is The Sinclair Method For Me?

The Sinclair Method, using naltrexone or nalmefene (Selincro), is only one of several different ways to treat alcohol use disorder (AUD).  

Alternative treatment options may involve other prescription-only medications such as Disulfiram (Antabuse) and Acamprosate.  Other methods that do not typically include prescription medication include Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), meditation and peer-support recovery groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, amongst others.

No treatment works for 100% of the people, 100% of the time.  There are multiple roads to recovery, all with varying degrees of success.  This site is focused on The Sinclair Method, and is for informational and educational purposes only.  Please consult your doctor for medical advice.

C3 Foundation Europe believes that it is important for treatment providers to offer ALL of the options to their patients.  This section contains resources that may help you have an informed discussion about TSM with your treatment provider.  He/she may not feel that TSM is appropriate for you, and may or may not prescribe naltrexone or nalemfene (Selincro). 

Our aim is for you to have as much factual information as possible about The Sinclair Method so that if you feel it may be an option for you or a loved one, you will have enough knowledge to discuss it with your physician and make an informed choice with him or her on the best way to treat your alcohol use disorder.


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If your doctor advises that you must have counselling as a prerequisite for prescribing either naltrexone or Selincro, C3 Foundation Europe can help with that too!   Please click the link below for the full range of services that we offer.

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