For Those Living Outside Europe

If you live outside of Europe, the prescription-only, opioid-blocking medication that may be prescribed for you is called naltrexone, which is a generic medication.  As a generic medication, various companies manufacture it and it can be found under different brand names, such as Revia, Depade, Nalorex, Naltima or Nodict.  Other medications available for treating alcohol use disorder (AUD) include Acamprosate and Disulfiram (Antabuse).

Naltrexone was licensed for the treatment of alcohol dependence by the United States’ regulatory body, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1994.

Naltrexone was also licensed for use by the Australian regulatory body, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), in July 2009.

The following links are provided as resources for you to read and print, if you so wish.

If, after studying this information material, you feel that this treatment method may be something that you wish to investigate further, you should discuss it in more depth with your doctor to ensure that it is an appropriate course of action, given the full range of your individual circumstances.


Information and Resource Links For Those Living Outside Of Europe


Information For Prescribing Naltrexone

TSM Protocol by Stephen M Cox, MD (written by a doctor FOR a doctor)

Naltrexone Patient Information Leaflet

You MUST speak to a licensed physician or other medical practitioner before starting any course of medication. If accessing a physician is difficult for you, for any reason, please see the C Three Foundation Find A Physician page for more resources, by clicking on the image above.