For Those Living In Europe

If you live in Europe, the prescription-only, opioid antagonist medication that may be prescribed for you is called nalmefene (Selincro), which is manufactured by Lundbeck.  It is the first medication to be approved specifically for the reduction of alcohol consumption.  Other different medications that are available, such as Acamprosate and Disulfiram (Antabuse), are only prescribed for use in conjunction with abstinence, as is naltrexone which is the other opioid antagonist medication that is suitable for use with The Sinclair Method.  In order for naltrexone to be used for this method, most physicians would have to prescribe it ‘off-label’ and so will generally always look to prescribe Selincro in the first instance.

European Marketing Approval for Selincro was issued in February 2013, granting European-wide licensing approval for the medication.  The medication has been rolled out across the vast majority of the EU member states and, at the time of writing, the Lundbeck website states that Selincro has already been launched in 40 countries. 

The following links are provided as resources for you to read and print, if you so wish.

If, after studying this information material, you feel that this treatment method may be something that you wish to investigate further, you should discuss it in more depth with your doctor to ensure that it is an appropriate course of action, given the full range of your individual circumstances.


Information and Resource Links For Those Living In Europe


Information For Prescribing Nalmefene

TSM Protocol by Stephen M Cox, MD (written by a doctor FOR a doctor).

Selincro Patient Information Leaflet

Anyone living in Europe can request an online alcohol dependency consultation from the following genuine, MHRA-registered, online pharmacy. The consultation, which is performed by doctors who can prescribe medication for alcohol dependency, is designed to assess whether the medication, nalmefene (Selincro), may be suitable for your condition.

Click above for Online Alcohol Dependency Consultation

If you are concerned that your drinking may have affected your liver, you can order a discreet liver function test pack that will be sent to your home address.  Once returned, a genuine, UK-registered GP will analyse your results and provide you with recommendations, if required.  (Only currently available for UK residents.)

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