C3 Foundation Europe YouTube Channel

Returning a 206% increase in views during 2016, our YouTube channel is showing itself to be a valuable resource that we can really utilise in helping to raise awareness of The Sinclair Method.

We want to expand on this success and have a plan in place to do so.

But we need your help to achieve this.  Together, we can make this project a reality!

If C3 Foundation or C3 Foundation Europe have helped you, please donate what you can, however small, to the fundraising cycle ride that I am embarking on in three weeks.  

Gift Aid

If you are a UK tax-paying resident, we can also claim an additional 25 pence in each pound of your donation in Gift Aid. That’s an additional £2.50 per £10 donation. Please contact me here after making your donation so I can email you back a Gift Aid Declaration form to sign and confirm your participation in the Gift Aid scheme.

The Plan

So, it’s that time of year again, folks…. The time of year when I go through an immense amount of pain cycling the Tour De Yorkshire Sportive to raise funds for our UK Charity C3 Foundation Europe (charity number 1168002), of which I am a Trustree.  We educate, support and provide counselling for those using The Sinclair Method to treat their alcohol misuse problems.

In 2017, we have a very specific project in mind that any funds raised will be used for.

Our C3 Foundation Europe YouTube channel is growing and reaching so many people.  It really is true that we are a visual society.  However, we KNOW we can reach more…..

We wish to provide specific short videos explaining the treatment, answering questions and providing playlists that are intended to take someone from the very first time they use the method, right through to the successful conclusion of their treatment.  We aim to do this in conjuction with C3 Foundation of America, with Claudia also providing some videos, too.

To achieve this properly and professionally, we face some specific set-up costs.   These include such things as a decent video camera and sound system, lighting, and a background banner.

This is an ambitious undertaking of course, but one which we know is going to reach hundreds of thousands of people in the long-term, helping to raise awareness.  

We thank you in anticipation of your continued support.

C3 Foundation Europe